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We are individuals


Part of something bigger


With one future 

Our Planet

The Culture of Us

We are who you are, because you are who we are.

We’re all individuals, part of same humanity.

We are one.


It's because of each and every one of us, using our gifts in the service for others, we're able survive and flourish.

Why and how we come together determines everything.

Compassion is the essence of life, connecting us to ourselves, each other and the earth.


We're a bunch of Gen-Z and Millennials coming together to create a space for the youth, by the youth. While also being nurtured by elders of all generations, we unite and live in alignment as one.


We form a worldwide network to learn and encourage one another by sharing experiences, exploring practices and creating opportunities.

Through listening circles, workshops and self-development tools, we expand our love, awareness and creativity.

Enabling us to extend this energy beyond ourselves and use our skills to impact the world around us through compassionate action.


This is a place to be yourself, belong and grow while exploring your gifts and initiating ideas.

Our Purpose

Empowered to respond from heart and with meaning for social justice.

Grounded in our embedded compassion, we aim to replace traditional systems of hierarchy and domination with new ways of partnership and collaboration.

Our Values


Creating safe spaces for conversations and deep connections.


Celebrating who we are and what we’ve overcome, as well as, what we do and have achieved.

Share our stories

Express ourselves, share our wisdom
to heal, uplift, learn and inspire. 


Embracing diversity in everyone, all ideas are welcome and all opinions matter, there’s no hierarchy.


Unconditional recognition and support for all kinds of progress.

Flexibility & Resilience

We continuously adapt
and respond to what life
is asking of us.

This is an evolving process – not a project –

that creates a movement.


Action-oriented and action-focused to integrate our world’s abundant resources, talents and diversity, to innovate with compassion.


To share ideas, processes and connections openly.

The story so far


To empower today’s leaders, The Charter wanted to give space for young people – our community builders, culture shapers and inspired innovators.

To explore how to connect, collaborate and act with compassion that uplifts our communities.


As the world faced a global pandemic, intensely magnifying inequalities, divide and ecological destruction.

We were collectively being asked to look within ourselves, open our hearts, understand our values, and unite for transformation.


Listening Circles

Charter for Compassion held a safe online space for young people across the world, where our voices were heard.


Sharing our experiences and vision created such an infectious energy of wisdom, hope & ability, we continued to meet every week for a year.


Creating friendships and nurturing ideas allowed our embedded compassion and inventive energy to come alive.


With the all the needs, dreams and creativity in the mix, the calling was to create a progressive community platform.


A place where any young person can explore, evolve and co-create from.

So, The Charter’s new youth group Initiative was born…and we need your powerful gifts.

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